Limited Spots are Still Available in our Fall Sports Leagues!

Missed our fall registration deadline? No worries, there’s still a chance to secure your spot in some of our exciting leagues! Whether you’re a seasoned VSSC player or you’re just looking to get in the game, we’ve got a spot for you.

Navigate through our filterable chart of remaining availability at the bottom of this page to find a league in your preferred sport or on your preferred night of play. Act fast to snag the spot that suits you best, as availability is limited!

Ready to join the action? Registration is just a click away using the links below. Remember, your spot will only be confirmed upon completing the payment process.

Mark your calendars! Leagues are set to kick off during the week of September 18th for most of our fall sports. Don’t miss out on the fun, community, and excitement of VSSC’s fall sports lineup. Get ready to play, connect, and make memories that last a lifetime!

last chance to register

Find a spot in our leagues with remaining availability below: