Summer 2023 Softball Recreational - Monday

Signup Deadline: Thursday, April 20

Join in on the ballgame this Summer with VSSC! One of the most popular Summer Season sports has returned with multiple leagues throughout the Victoria area.


# OF GAMES: 16 games (14 regular season games + 2 playoff games)

GAME TIMES: Start time is 6:30pm. SSC makes every effort to ensure teams receive a mix of game times and locations (where applicable).

BYE DATES: No bye dates.

SCHEDULE: Schedules will be posted online 2 days before your league is set to start.

TEAM ROSTERS: Team Rosters for players who registered individually will be posted for most sports on Tuesday, May 2nd. Captains who registered as a full team, must have rosters updated (all players added to your roster) prior to your first game.

To view our policies and learn more about common questions check out the FAQ section at the top of our website. After completing your registration, please take time to review the confirmation email which contains important information to help you prepare for the upcoming league.

Pricing Tiers
  • $969.00 through 4/6
  • + $50.00 after 4/6
  • $139.00 through 4/6
  • + $10.00 after 4/6
  • Recreational

    • Level: Recreational
    • Gender: Mixed
    • Age: 19 and Up
    • Team
      • Status: Open
      • Cost: $969.00
      • Team

      $1,019.00 after 4/6

    • Individual

      $149.00 after 4/6