COVID-19 Safe Return to Play

We are committed to the highest levels of safety for our community of players. To play with the Sport & Social Club (SSC) and stay in good standing, the following guidelines must be followed for the protection of us all. The Sport & Social Club will update these guidelines as necessary, to ensure we follow local government and public health authorities.  

Please follow the links below to review our COVID-19 Protocol & Guidelines:

Facility Specific COVID-19 Protocol:

GR Pearkes Recreation Centre:

  • Spectators are not permitted as the Fieldhouse does not have a safe designated spectator area.
  • Players must only arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled game and wait in the waiting area outside according to the instructions below.
  • *IMPORTANT* Each court will have a separate entrance and exit, please follow the instructions below:
  • *DO NOT ENTER THOUGH THE MAIN ENTRANCE OF FACILITY - Each Court has a designated entrance on the east side (right side when entering from parking lot) of the building.
  • Court 1 Entrance: Line up at south end of the fieldhouse
  • Court 2 Entrance: Line up at the east side of the building, about a third of the way down.
  • Court 3 Entrance: Line up at the east side of the building, about halfway down