Common Questions

Do I need a full team to register to play? 

You don't need a full-team to register, there are three ways that you can play with us!  Registration flexibility is one of the ways the Sport & Social Club makes it easy to stay active, have fun, and meet new people.  


Sign up as full team, group of friends or on your own and we'll find you a team!  

If you register as a group of friends, our system will link you together as friends and we will make sure your group all plays together.  After that, we will fill out your roster with other players!  


Already have the full squad together? You can register a full team!  If you've already recruited a full teams-worth of players, then you are in luck! Only a single registration must be completed, simply add a full team to your cart using our online registration system.


What are “Individual Players" you ask?

Individuals are the "I" in Team! Well, only in the case of the many amazing Individuals Teams who play with the Sport & Social Club (SSC). When you register as an individual, we will create a team with you and other members who are also looking for teammates!


We make your team roster available to you two days prior to your league start date.  You will be able to see your teammate’s names and contact information to get the ball rolling for the upcoming season. It's important to note that rosters are not 100% finalized until the league begins. It is possible rosters will change throughout the week as we build leagues and teams. Additionally, individual teams which have not fulfilled the Suggested Maximum Roster Size may have individual(s) added to their team at any point over the course of the season. On the other hand, if your team roster is filled yet you still need extra players due to injuries or changes in players personal schedules then let us know so we can try and help fill your team.


Please be aware payment does not guarantee a spot on a team.  The gender ratio must be met before teams can be made.  The league typically rosters individual teams by order of payment and date of registration.   As soon as your roster is available to you, we ask you use the contact tools on our website to reach out and chat amongst yourselves to decide on a team captain, come up with a fun team name, discuss the equipment needed for your sport, your team's shirt/jersey colour, and attendance for each week.  Team Captains are responsible for communicating between the league and the team.  This includes reporting and confirming scores, communicating with other captains in the league and keeping spirits high!  Every player is responsible to know and play by the rules.


All About Game Coordinators

What is a Game Coordinator “GC”? Game Coordinators play an important role in many Sport & Social Club leagues. They are contract members of our staff team whom you may see during your evening games in brightly coloured "STAFF" shirts.


The role of the Game Coordinator is to:

  • Be a neutral supporter of both teams in every game
  • Set up equipment at facilities (if required)
  • Help keep games on schedule
  • Encourage pre-game captains’ meetings
  • Be a resource for teams & players that have questions about rules or upcoming events
  • Score keep for games (if possible)
  • Manage equipment tracking & report equipment shortages for each facility
  • Report any incidents to Sport & Social Club Customer Service
  • Promote upcoming leagues, events and tournament to members
  • Have fun & socialize with members!
  • Game Coordinators ARE NOT REFEREES.
  • They are present to help diffuse conflict and to be a mediator in our self-officiated game settings. 
  • Game Coordinators do have the authority to attempt to deescalate situations and conflict that may occur during a game. This could include; brief stoppages of play, issuing warnings to specific players, issuing warnings to specific teams, removal of players from the game and the facility or ending the game if required. 
  • Game Coordinators will do their best to keep the spirit of the game high by giving teams the opportunity to adjust their playing level before ending a game.

Please respect the job Game Coordinators are there to do and provide your Game Coordinator Feedback and let us know how they are doing! Team Captains can submit feedback on behalf of their team when reporting game scores.  We make it easy with the online GC Feedback form. 


Lost & Found

Did you forget something at your game? Did you find someone else’s things?  The Sport & Social Club does not have a lost & found box, but there are a few ways to reunite players with their items!


To avoid found items travelling around in the trunks of Game Coordinators, teammates or opponents’ vehicles, we encourage members to leave items with the facility in their lost & found.  Some facilities even have a dedicated box for things left behind by SSC players. Your best bet is to check in with the facility directly!  If that does not reunite you, or you were playing at an outdoor location, the next step is to contact the captain of the opposing team.  Each Team Captain has access to the Captain Contact List for your specific league when they log into their player profile.  Ask your Captain to reach out to your opponent and the teams playing in the later time slot to see if the item was picked up for safe keeping.  If you need the contact information for a different league, as many different leagues will use the same facility, our Customer Service team will be happy to put you in contact with each other.  Contact us with your name, game time, location and a description of the item.  They will also keep this description on file to match it if another member lets us know they have found something.

Social media is another great tool! Many members like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  Feel free to post on our wall or tweet as us so that other members can keep an eye out for lost items.

Additional FAQ


Can I register as an individual or do I need an entire team?
You can register as an individual, with a friend (or a few) or as an entire team.  The registration flexibility is one of the differentiating factors that makes the Sport & Social Club a great way to stay active, have fun, and meet new people.


Do I have to be good at sports to play?
No prior experience is required to play with the Sport & Social Club.  We have players of all abilities and encourage people to sign up for sports they have never played before! 


Are the leagues competitive or just for fun?
Some leagues offer a competitive level, which will be comprised of competitive, more experienced players, but many of our leagues are just for fun as we are “Recess for Adults”.


If I am competitive, will I feel out of place playing in these “fun” leagues?
You will probably be surprised at how much fun you will have, even if you feel your ability is above the competition.  If we offer a “competitive” level of play for your sport, we encourage you to play at that level if you are a competitive player.


I am a member of the LGBTQI2S+ community.  Do you have guidelines on Inclusion?
We are committed to providing a supportive and respectful environment for all players and staff regardless of any differences based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. For more information, click here.


Where are the games played?  Do you have your own facility?
We rent different facility space throughout the city, mostly at local schools and community centres, to conduct our sport leagues and tournaments. 


How old do I have to be to play in the leagues?
You must be 19 years of age to play in our leagues.


What is the “social” part of Sport & Social Club?
We create partnerships with local pubs to give our members deals and a place to have beverages and socialize with other members to continue their fun post-game and on non-game nights.


How much does it cost and what nights do you play on?
This information varies by season and event.  The most current information can be found right here on our website by clicking on Leagues.


There are Double Headers in my Schedule.  Why doesn't my game count for standings?
Does your league have an odd number of teams in it this season (you know - 1,3,5,7,9, etc.)? If so, your league has a doubleheader game built into the schedule each week, where one team in your league is scheduled to play two games, back-to-back. Be sure to pay special attention to your schedule on the week that your team has a doubleheader.  Because not every team will get the same number of doubleheader games, the outcome of the game for the team playing its second game will not be included in the league standings.  An extremely important piece to know, however, is that that doubleheader game DOES count for the team playing just the one game. Because of that, we ask all teams scheduled for doubleheaders to respect the fact that the other team is playing just the one game that week and stick around to play your doubleheader game and display fair play. If for some reason you cannot stay for a second game, please contact your opponent’s using the "Captain Contact List" found under "My Team" on our website.