All league participants must complete a liability waiver to participate in Sport & Social Club activities (including substitute players). There are two ways to do so:

(1) Fill Out Your Waiver Online:
 - Individual Registrants: At the time of your registration, you created an online profile, which required you to submit the waiver form. You have therefore signed a waiver, and no further steps are required. 
 - Team Captains: When you invite teammates to your roster, they will be sent an invitation link to play on your team, and will be asked to complete the waiver online. Please ensure that your entire roster is submitted, so that everyone has a signed waiver online.  This includes substitute players.

(2) Printable Waiver - Download 
In the event that a teammate does not have access to a computer, please print up copies of this waiver for them to sign. Once signed, please scan and email the waiver to our Customer Service Specialist ahead of your activity.

NOTE: Teams who are found to be using players who have not been rostered and signed the waiver, will be asked to leave the league without refund or warning. Please be advised that we will not share any personal information with other groups or organizations.